About Me

Chris Staples MEng CEng CSEP MIET

image exampleI live on the South Coast near Portsmouth, where I work as a Systems Architect in the Satellite Communications industry.

I am involved in the end-to-end design, implementation, test and delivery of secure satellite communications systems, with additional experience in product design of satellite modems. This has given me the opportunity to work on a variety of projects with a diverse range of applications - Including Ground Fixed, Land Mobile, Airborne and Naval.

In my spare time I enjoy exploring the world and taking pictures of it! A few examples of my photography are in the gallery below. I also enjoy playing badminton, swimming and SCUBA diving.


Photography has been a hobby for many years. My current equipment is based around my Canon EOS 7D (which I can't recommend enough!). I enjoy landscapes and panoramics of all manner of natural and man-made subjects, and also macro and night photgraphy.


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